Our Story

It all begins with a spark.

With passion in our hearts for fitness and living a positive lifestyle, we are always seeking the best ways to progress and create new goals for the future. For us, and like many others, this primarily includes the use of technology and social media.

I think that we can all think back to the time that we created our first goal, focused on achieving it, and then went out and smashed it. With the challenge of beating your current personal best, running faster, lifting heavier or whatever dream you have, we find that modern technology can be a key weapon in your arsenal.

In our past, we can say that we been through some fitness challenges and really tested what our bodies are capable of and along the way we have been fortunate enough to be able to test some innovative, fresh tech to record our results and use this information to get faster, stronger and altogether fitter.

Join us to find out just how the latest tech and tips can assist you in breaking through those existing barriers and then build new ones, only to smash those time and again, pushing yourself to your fullest potential with the aid of TechFit Lifestyle.



Our Approach

Our approach is very simple, to be honest and transparent by offering you the best quality review from a consumer perspective free from bias and influence.

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Lucian & Samantha

Happiness is a state of mind.